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We at Good as New understand that different surfaces may require different cleaning methods / techniques to acquire a satisfactory end result. That’s why we have always invested in the latest equipment and cleaning techniques available. We offer a range of exterior cleaning services including,

• SoftWashingRender and flat surfaces (see below for more info)
• Roof Cleaning (May require moss removal)
• Pressure washing
• Hot pressure washing
• Low pressure steam cleaning (150 degrees)
• Gutter and or fascia Cleaning
• Window Cleaning


The Method/Theory of SoftWashing

Algae and other organic growths such as mould, moss and lichen are bad for building surfaces/ materials, such as roof tiles and render, as they are a major contributor to the decomposition that breaks down materials.

Up until now pressure washing was considered an effective process, but this can cause damage to building surfaces/materials through erosion which can be costly over time.

Good As New use a far more non aggressive and eco-friendly approach to exterior cleaning, known as ‘SoftWashing’. This treats the root system rather than just the surface problem, much like weeds are treated. SoftWashing uses a water based and biodegradable chemical to the kill the entire plant, by breaking its bond on the surface and penetrating down to the root system. The result is a one hundred percent kill ratio which lasts for four to six times longer than pressure washing, using one third the water of pressure wash.

Developed in the United States by A. C.Lockyer. The cleaning solutions, used for ‘SoftWashing’ emulsify the dirt and grime, break down bugs nests and spiderwebs, whilst also killing mould, mildew, algae and bacteria leaving surfaces cleaned and sanitized. A more regular treatment using ‘SoftWashing’ with professional equipment and staff that are trained to the highest level  by ‘SoftWash Systems’,will ensure that organic growths do not have the chance to take hold, and property owners and/or building managers are not open to unnecessary and expensive repair bills to their properties, caused by erosion by pressure washing.